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Bus Industry Safety Council (BISC)

February 2, 2008

February 2nd 2008

The Bus Industry Safety Council is an organization of safety professionals in the intercity bus and motorcoach industry in North America.  The council is affiliated with the American Bus Association ABA, but membership in the council is not limited to ABA member companies and is open to all persons who are interested in and employed in positions promoting safety in the bus and motorcoach industry.  The BISC meeting was held on Feb. 1st & Feb. 2nd 2008 in Virgina Beach.  Riteway Bus Service, Inc. has been involved with BISC for a couple of years now and we are excited to be involved with helping shape safety in the bus & motorcoach industry. 

The big discussion this weekend was the minimum training Requirements for entry-level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators, Proposed Rule.  While all operators agree that driver training is crucial for bus & motorcoach operations,  the proposed rule must be looked at again or it could have negative unintended consequences for our businesses.

-rj bast 


Gotta love Wisconsin Weather!

January 8, 2008

Fog, rain and tornados in January?!  You bet, it’s Wisconsin and you have to be prepared for anything.  As a transportation company we’re always looking at the weather and whats going to happen next so we’re prepared.  The discussions we’ve had with our drivers the last few days, as well as in December when we had lots of snow, is heavy on safety and defensive driving.   Yes, time schedules are very important to our business, but so is getting there in one piece – that means leaving early for your school bus route, airport pickup or casino getaway.  The overwhelming comments I hear on our radios during the past month… slow down & look out for everyone else!   Drive safely out there!