Milwaukee Car Service

March 16, 2009

Are you going to the airport for either on a vacation or for work? Riteway’s been providing Milwaukee car service for many years to both Milwaukees’s Mitchel Field and Chicago’s Ohare. Our Milwaukee car service has been gaining popularity in the past few years. Why? The cost and hasel of driving and then parking at Ohare in Illinois has been increasing over the years. The daily fees to park at Ohare can add very quickly. Plus who really enjoys driving into the busy Illinois traffic? And do you really want to ask your friends or a family member to take you to the airport? If you use Riteway’s Milwaukee car service, we will pick you up at your house and drop you right at the front doors at the airport. Our Milwaukee car service is a conviennent and cost effect way to get to the airport.

Many corporate executives use our Miwlaukee car service every time they travel to an airport in Milwaukee or Chicago. Riteway provides a complimentary newspaper and bottled water for all of our Airport Car Service runs. On time service is critical for our airport car service, so Riteway has developed a technology that during non office hours, the chauffeur calls into an computerized call in center. If there are any problems with them checking in for their run, the computer automatically calls our on call supervisor to alert them that there might be an issue.

With our state of the art reservation system the corporate travel manager or executive assistant can make reservations online. Call us at 1-866-273-8207 to find out more about this online reservation system. Through our affiliate network, we not only can provide you with an airport car service in Milwaukee, but we can pick you up at your destination cities airport.


RJ Bast




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